Sunday, 27 February 2011

My day today

09:00 Wake up but say 'one more hour'.
10:00 Wake up but can't be fucked to get out of bed so lie there for another hour or so and think about music.
11:30 (approx) I finally get up and start up my computer with the intention of starting my 1200 word essay due Tuesday.
12:30 Convince myself that I have a headache and lie down for a while so I sign out of all the social networking sites I spent the last hour on instead of working.
13:36 'I'll wait til 2.'
14:04 'Shit.'
14:05 '2:30 it is.'
14:30 Go downstairs and back on the computer to 'do work'. Watch Skins videos I've already seen.
15:00 Get brother to order pizza.
15:25 Eat pizza.
15:45 Read some notes on books for essay.
15:55 Call friend distressed about the amount of work due in.
16:30 Watch Previews of Alo's episode in skins on repeat and scroll all the way down to his first tweet on Twitter. Read them all.
16:45 Stalk the other characters Twitters. (NB: THESE ARE NOT EVEN REAL PEOPLE. NB2: I am still in my pyjamas. jus sayin.)
17:20 Transfer written essay plan onto the computer.
17:40 Actually get books which coursework is to be written about out of bag.
17:42 Facebook stalk people, talk to Facebook friends about nothing
18:00 Drink juice.
18:30 Decide to do Physics instead. (Yes, I manage to make drinking juice last 30 minutes.)
18:46 Write this blog post about my oh so constructive day, for no one to read or care about.

I take procrastination to a whole new level.