Saturday, 12 March 2011

So I'm 17.

Had a really great birthday with friends at TGI Friday's yesterday. I met a monk (wait, what?), the food was great, the waiter was a cutieee; all Scottish and nice and stuff, and it was just really, really great.

I guess I just wanted to thank all my friends for coming and for all the lovely birthday messages, cards and presents I received, they were greatly appreciated.

Major note to self (and tip to all you party lovers), if you want to avoid looking like a member of the Cullen family get hold of some SPF free foundation if you're going out at night when you don't need so much protection from the sun. If you're gonna be taking loads of photos with the flash on, the camera reflects off the SPF when the flash goes off causing you to look pale and ghost-like. Even worse you can end up with a VFL (visible foundation line) like me. :(

Also, if you haven't been into Covent Garden at night, go. There's loads of buskers and cool people and generally good looking guys about and there's loads of cool clubs and so many restaurants and it's even just a good area to loiter. Obviously it's great in the day too, the shopping's fantastic. ;)

Anyway, here are just some of the best bits:


  1. love the sexy pics of ya! omg if liam sees dis he is gonna get a well big boner!!! lmao


  2. deffo bbz! lulzyy cityyy.